IoT versus Embedded Systems

For the curious mind(the technical mind), IoT devices are ubiquitous and bear a lot of semblance to Embedded systems. Actually, Embedded Systems are the devices that make the internet of things a thing! Embedded Systems are as their name implies are computers that are embedded in other systems for the purpose of control and data storage. Home appliances like electric kettles, microwave ovens have such tiny devices inside them that control them and store data.

When embedded devices in various appliances are able to communicate among themselves, the internet of things is birthed. Simply put, an interconnection of embedded devices and sensors that feed them data gives rise to the internet of things.

internet-of-things-vs-embedded systems

Embedded devices are challenged by the realities of the world viz: extreme temperature, small space and little energy. These constraints imply these devices which are essentially computers have little processing power at their disposal.

However, a swam of embedded devices makes a powerful army of processing devices. This is the very power the internet of things presents to the 21st century world. Coupled with advances in Artificial Intelligence, IoT presents us with the tools we need to conquer the next century in many fields!

We need to invest in the skills needed to make the Internet of Things a blessing to the human race everywhere in the world. Join us here at Mor-Lan Technologies to explore this field and make it beneficial.

Rene Novor X.K
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